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Our aim here at Kare Plus Dublin South is to deliver the highest possible standard of care and first-class customer service to the communities of South County Dublin.

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Location: Bakers Point, The Pottery Complex, F18, Pottery Rd, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, A96 D825

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Meet The Team

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Farhan Mirza – Chief Executive Officer

As a director and the CEO, Farhan Mirza brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in management to Kare Plus Dublin South.

Graduating in Computer Science and Liberal Arts from the United States of America in 2004 Farhan went onto join Family Businesses Globally across the Middle East, Australia, Europe and North America, gaining massive experience in managing different business sectors such as Real Estate, Food, IT Consultancy, Manufacturing and Hospitality.

From this Farhan has expanded his interest into the provision of Homecare, Nursing and Healthcare Services, where he and his team are committed to providing clients with the highest possible standard of care in Dublin South.

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Raymond Dela Cruz – Assistant Operations Director

Raymond joined KarePlus with a background in High-End Hospitality where he worked for 8 years in the USA, Norway and Australia prior to commencing employment with KarePlus in July of 2020. Raymond joined KarePlus to develop his knowledge in all fields of care as a healthcare assistant. When his healthcare journey began, he was determined to assist the Healthcare Industry in Ireland during the Pandemic.

Raymond was highly enthusiastic and committed upon joining KarePlus. Raymond dedicated himself to providing an exceptional duty of care in all fields including Intellectual Disability services, Residential and Nursing Homes. Due to his great work ethic, passion and dedication to the KarePlus Agency, Raymond was promoted to manage the KarePlus franchisee in Dublin South to assist in business operations, client acquisition and administrational duties. Raymond’s approach has been key to the success of the Dublin South branch of Kareplus by always prioritising the needs of clients, residents and agents respectively.

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Uma Kudupudi – Health Service Manager

Uma has joined Kare Plus organisation with an experience in healthcare industry for 10 years with background qualifications in Clinical Medicine from China and Public Health Masters in Ireland. Prior to being a member in Kare Plus, she had 5 years of extensive experience in hospitals as a doctor and worked for many clinically diagnosed conditions, Intellectual disabilities, mental health, injuries in emergency, chronic diseases, cardiovascular and respiratory units with knowledge of managing hospital services and leadership to staff. She has been a key clinician within specialised and complex contact tracing teams for HSE CMP team during COVID-19 pandemic emergency response under National health policies. She has clear values in clinical and well-being assurance, service provision, providing holistic approach in complexities of health scenarios with excellent organisational skills, attention to details and resourceful. She emerged as one of top tracers in the teams with clear vision for the service. Currently  is dedicated herself to perform duties as Health service manager for Kare Plus healthcare who implements policies of the board, ensures statutory procedures are followed, with particular emphasis on patient safety and the management of risk, liaises with health care professionals to determine short and long-term needs and how to meet these objectives within budgetary constraints, oversees the day-to-day management of the unit or service and provides leadership to staff, uses statistical information to monitor performance and assist with planning, negotiates and manages contracts with providers and purchasers of health care services, manages staff, including recruitment, appraisal and development, monitors and reports upon the effectiveness of services with a view to improving the efficiency of health care provision, coordinates the promotion of public health and wellbeing in the actions and policies of public agencies and their social partners, monitors and reports upon the state of public health and wellbeing.