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About Kare Plus Ireland

As a HSE-approved provider, we at Kare Plus pride ourselves on consistently offering the highest quality of care and support services. Our highly-experienced management team guarantee that we only deliver superior homecare, nursing and healthcare services.

Each of our staff members go through a rigorous recruitment process before commencement of employment to ensure that we only employ qualified, experienced and trustworthy care-givers.


Our application for the Audit was for the provision of Homecare Services and Agency Staff, while supporting our Franchise Network.

ISO 9001 is to help organisations analyse and improve each element in their operations, from the selection of suppliers through to sales and distribution.

Among the many benefits of ISO 9001, the Standard helps organizations to improve customer satisfaction levels, internal efficiency and employee involvement.
You can find more information for ISO 9001 here https://www.nsai.ie/certification/management-systems/iso-9001-quality-management/

Kare Plus Ireland would like to take this time to thank all our amazing staff for all their hard work and commitment throughout the last few months.

NSAI certificate of registration Kare Plus

Benefits for employees

We value our employees very highly. Without our Health Care Assistants, Nurses and Specialist Staff, there would be no Kare Plus! Some of the benefits of being employed with our company are:

Competive Hourly Rate
Competive Hourly Rate
Competive Hourly Rate
Paid Shadowing
Paid Shadowing
Paid Millage
Training Provided
In-house Support
In-house Support

For further information, please contact your local Kare Plus office and we’ll be happy to help.

The Caring Company

KarePlus delivers consistent high-quality care and support services across a number of residential establishments including large private hospitals, local councils and also to private clients, predominantly providing homecare services to customers in their own homes.

A Client-Led Service

What does ‘client-led’ really mean?
It is a service which fulfils the clients’ needs and expectations, and exceeds client expectations wherever possible. We will carry out an assessment of needs, a risk-assessment, introduce carers and compose an individual, specialised care plan which comprehensively outlines the needs of the client and identifies how these needs will be met.

Care With A ‘K’ Care With A Difference

Our Quality of Care. As a HSE-approved
provider, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of care and support services consistently. Our highly-experienced management teams guarantee that we deliver superior homecare, nursing and healthcare services. Regular spot checks are carried out by management, and staff are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are working consistently in line with our high standards.


Our Branches

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I love working for Kare Plus for many reasons – the office staff treat you like family, you feel special and appreciated when you walk in, management are understanding and easy to talk to. A happy HCA means a happy client and a happy client means a happy company. So, come join the team!


Nikki and all who cared for Dad, thank you so much for all the excellent care and kindness shown to Dad. Pete and I really appreciate that we know he was in such good care.

Sarah and Peter Gardner

To be able to help others do things that they can no longer do for themselves is such a wonderful thing to do and I get to do that on a daily basis, each and every day.  Working with Kare Plus has improved my life so much. Not only do I have a job that I absolutely love, but I have employers and a company that are so understanding and caring themselves. Kare Plus allows me to live my life on a happy medium. The office staff in Kare Plus are always at the other end of the phone when I need them to offer support, understanding and advice. Working with Kare Plus is working for a company that genuinely cares.


I love working for this company for family life and flexibility. As a busy mammy with two kids with special needs, I get to work hours to suit my family life and feel I’m not missing out on their daily needs and activities. Any issue solutions are fast. All I have met in Kare Plus have been kind and professional at all times.