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Kare Awards

First Annual Awards for Kare Plus Ireland

Welcome to the Kare Plus Kare Awards, a celebration dedicated to recognising the outstanding contributions of our carers, office staff, and franchise partners. This event is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that defines the Kare Plus family.

Together, we honour the dedication and passion of our team, ensuring a brighter future for everyone involved. Let’s make the Kare Plus ‘Kare Awards’ an unforgettable experience, celebrating the heart of our organisation – our people.

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Award Categories

See awards categories below, For individual awards up to 3 per franchise may be submitted, From the submitted applications a finalist will be selected to attend the award ceremony for a chance to win the overall prize. For franchisee Awards all offices are encouraged to fill out all relevant categories in the form, The shortlist for each category will be announced prior to the awards night.

Individual awards

  • Carer of the Year Home Care
  • Carer of the Year Agency/Social Care
  • Team Member of the Year
  • Manager of the Year

Franchisee awards

  • Best Local Marketing
  • Most Growth in the Year
  • Best looking Office
  • Best Community Engagement
  • Outstanding Innovation
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Top Performing Franchise

Award Application Forms